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What to Expect

A New Experience in PHYSICAL THERAPY

When you are ready for us to help, please contact our office. We will collect information on how we will be able to best serve you. During this call, we will also collect your insurance information so we can save you some time and verifying your benefits. Soon after, we will contact you with your insurance’s estimate of coverage. 

Once scheduled, your first appointment will typically take 60-90 minutes. This will ensure plenty of time for our Physical Therapist to assess your needs fully and help begin your recovery.

Please come dressed in comfortable attire for the therapist to examine the area of concern.  

Our Physical Therapist will ask you some questions to help better understand your current situation and your goals, along with testing strength, motion, sensation, balance and stability. From there our Physical Therapist will begin helping you understand the treatment plan to achieve your goals. When you leave, you should have a better understanding of what is causing your current limitations and what your plan of care will be.