The past 18 months have had us shut in our homes, businesses closed, unable to travel and missing the normal connections that we have had with family and friends for years. We have all had to make many different adjustments. We have gotten vaccinated and tried to remain as safe as we can.

However, what the world has shown us, is that things change.


Once again, we are hearing different reports from the experts:

Should we be wearing our mask or not?

Do we need to limit our interactions?

Can we only safely interact with others outside?


I am putting on TWO online seminars this month to help answer questions about what we have seen during the past year and half: How Covid-19 has affected those who are over 65 and what to do about it.


I will be talking about how to overcome pain, weakness, weight gain, loss of interest in activities and fear. I will also be fielding any other questions and concerns you may have during our time on the seminar.

Sign-up for our seminar below and learn more about how we can help you overcome the ongoing affects of the past year and a half.

Tennis Players Wearing Masks
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