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A Dangerous Myth About Walking

Walking is good for you, right?


But is it enough to keep you feeling strong, healthy, and active as you age?

For most, the answer is actually no.

If walking is your only form of exercise, then you may find yourself vulnerable to more injuries,

poor balance, and a greater fall risk.

And this is the dangerous myth... that walking is all you need to do.

The Trap - Injuries Build Up And We Compromise On Our Activities

Over your lifetime, you will pick up aches or little injuries and that's completely normal.

It might be from pushing a little bit too much as you get back into running after a winter break.

Or you play 18 holes, instead of the usual 9, and you're a little bit stiff and sore the next day.

That's nothing out of the ordinary.

But a trap that can lead people down a spiral is when a bigger injury strikes, and they stop doing the activities that they love - like playing pickleball or going hiking at the weekend.

And if they do return to that activity - the injury comes back or gets worse.

This is the trap...

Because some people will compromise and think that "I can't play a full round of golf anymore." or that they can't play basketball with the grandkids anymore because "my knees can't take the jumping anymore.".

What happens with this mindset is that you stop doing the things that keep you strong, mobile, and capable.

And after a few more injuries, your life becomes smaller and smaller.

You make another compromise by stopping your morning runs.

And then another by gardening less and avoiding DIY jobs.

Until you have a huge list of things that you can't do.

And you find yourself saying that you're happy with a little bit of walking each day and that that's all you need.

The Truth About Feeling Strong, Fit, And Healthy

But in reality, to actually live the life you want to live, you probably need to be doing more.

And that's where sports like golf and pickleball help.

And that's where lifting weights at the gym and going to pilates classes help.

Sports and exercise that demand a little more of your body, and get you to move through full ranges of motion...

Think swinging your arm overhead to serve in tennis or doing lunges at the gym.

Help you stay much stronger, healthier, and able to enjoy a very active life irrespective of your age.

Now, walking may be all you can do right now because you're recovering from an injury, or you've allowed yourself to get to a stage where you can't do anymore.

And if that's you, we appreciate that you are frustrated and might even be angry about the fact you can't do what you want.

But we are here to help...

With fast, natural pain relief, and helping you to move freely and comfortably.

Helping you reduce the things in the "I can't do" list, and add more to the "I can do" list.

So you can get back to the sports and activities that you love - AND keep you strong, healthy, and independent.

Get Stronger, Healthier, And Feel Great

There are three free ways you get more information and learn about the best treatment options to help you.

Firstly, you can pick up the telephone right now and call us on 859-303-6393 - we would love to speak to you!

Secondly, you can arrange one of our free Free Discovery Visits where you can speak to an expert on a 1 to 1 basis.

You can share your story, get the advice you need, and get a clear understanding of what you can do to eliminate your aches and pains and get back to doing the things you love!

Simply click the link below to arrange your

The final option is to arrange a Free Telephone Consultation where you can speak to our team without leaving your home and saving you the travel.

At Titan Physical Therapy in Lexington, we have helped thousands of patients fight aging, by keeping them independent, moving, and healthy all without the use of medication, injections, or surgery.

More Free Advice To Enjoy An Active, Pain-Free Life

Beat your back pain by downloading our Free Back Pain Report written by founder and leading physical therapist, Avery Schroyer.

You can also read some of the other fantastic free tips and quick guides on our website, or follow us on social media for regular top tips on Titan Physical Therapy Facebook.

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