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“Having worked with other therapists in the past, I would not recommend anyone else for therapy.
Avery is an excellent clinician. When he took over the care of my neck and back problem, I was amazed at the treatments he used and how sensitive he was to what my needs were to recover.
His bedside manner is excellent and he understands that it is not just the physical body that needs to heal. As he guides and treats you through the physical needs he encourages emotional wellness as well .
He also teaches as he goes along  so that I knew what to expect during treatment and beyond. I was assisted with exercises during both of my treatment periods and taught how to continue the exercises at home. The exercises were only my part of the care .
Avery worked with me individually at every visit doing hands-on treatments to get my nerve, muscle, and joint problems to return to normal function.  The hands-on care was thorough and Avery was always sensitive to how I was feeling on any given day and adjusted his therapy accordingly. 
When I first began treatment I had very little range of motion in my neck , After my treatment period, my range of motion was almost back to normal and I also was able to resume activities that I was unable to do when I first started therapy. 
Physical therapy is absolutely worth the time and the money involved."

—  Barbie Johnson