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To Our Current Titan Family and ALL Future Patients:

You care about your safety… So does Titan Physical Therapy!

As we are seeing the recent increase of Covid-19 here in Kentucky, across the country and around the world I wanted to talk about how we plan to keep you safe. 

First off, I want to thank everyone who has been doing their part to slow and stop the spread of Covid-19. Those that have been wearing a mask, limiting your contacts, practicing social distancing, performing good hand hygiene, and opting for virtual meetings whenever possible. Thank you!

Secondly, I want to thank all of my fellow healthcare workers who are in the trenches and providing care during these scary and trying times.

Here at Titan we have a number of things we have implemented since Covid-19 began and we have continued to adjust and improve upon our protocols as more information has come out.  

We are screening ALL of patients everyday for symptoms, checking temperature upon arrival and requiring ALL patients to wear a mask and wash their hands upon entry. 

We continue to only schedule one patient per therapist for the duration of your visit, and we make sure you are socially distanced from any other patients that may be working with another therapist. We want to make sure you are safe and protected while you get the care you need.

While we are providing care in clinic, we are continuing to see patients via virtual visits on their phone or computer/tablet as well. We understand and encourage the want and need to "stay healthy at home." We fully embrace the idea of staying safe at home whenever possible and are fully capable of meeting your therapy needs through our virtual home health visits.

Lastly, I cannot stress the importance of you getting the care you need and deserve at this time. I have already seen patients this year who have let things go longer than they should due to being fearful of leaving home or using technology to receive care. They are not healthier from making these decisions, and have put themselves at increased risk if something were to happen to them. 

One of the most important things Covid-19 has shown us is that if you are healthy and have fewer medical issues, the chances of you getting through this illness is much higher. Do NOT let fear of Covid-19 allow you to suffer and become weaker. 

It is better to be healthy and strong, than weak and ill. 


As always contact us at 859-303-6393 to learn how we can get you safely started on your path to a healthier You.

Staying HEALTHY at HOME doesn't mean you have to do it ALONE.
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Covid-19 In-Clinic Guidelines

What to expect during an In-Clinic visit here at Titan Physical Therapy:

  • Temperature checks as you arrive every visit.

  • Covid-19 screening questionnaire at each visit.

  • Sanitizing of all equipment and touched surfaces between patients.

  • Gloves are worn by staff anytime they need to have contact with you.

  • Masks are required to be worn at all times during your appointment.

  • We are operating with only myself and our PTA.

  • Your therapist will work one-on-one with you.

  • During your session, you will be their ONLY patient for the FULL duration of your appointment.

  • We now require patients to use hand sanitizer/
    wash hands upon entry.

  • If a patient has travelled to a hot spot they are restricted to a 2 week quarantine before retuning to in-person visits at our office.

  • No waiting room time: appointments are kept on schedule and you are seen at your scheduled time.

  • Use of Telehealth services ANYTIME needed to provide your care safely and effectively with no risk of infection, or drop of care.

  • Maintenance of 6 ft. distancing when possible during treatment.

  • Continued and updated following of CDC best practice guidelines as they change with additional findings.

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