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Falls can TAKE AWAY
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  1. Stairs and Steps - Keep your stairs and any steps around the house clear from any objects, no matter how easy it is to put something down. Doing this will reduce the likelihood of any trips or falls.
    Be sure to have a handrail available (make sure it is sturdy and not loose) to use around your stairs. 

  2. Lighting - Make sure your stairs and rooms are well lit.  If you have a lightbulb burnt out replace it. If there is an area that is still poorly lit, add a floor or table lamp.
    Outside, make sure to have lighting fitted along your pathways. If it’s on an automatic sensor even better!

  3. The Living Room - Keep a clear path around your furniture. Make sure there are not any rugs that you can easily trip over or any electrical cords.
    If you don’t want to remove a rug, be sure to use double-sided tape or a non-slip backing so the rugs won’t move.
    Be sure cords are kept neatly tucked away reducing the risk of falls.

  4. The Kitchen - Make sure commonly used items are within easy reach. This will prevent you from reaching high to get things out of the cupboard, or straining yourself while trying to get items.
    Reaching high overhead challenges your balance, and when you stand on a chair, or step-stool to reach something, the risk of falling is greater. 

  5. The Bedroom - Be sure to have some night lighting from your bedroom to your bathroom in order to help see the path better.
    Your bed height should be where you can easily get in and out. 

  6. The Bathroom - The combination of water and slippery surfaces can be a dangerous combination.
    Adding non-slip mats in your bath and shower will help give you extra stability. Having a bath or shower mat down for when you step in and out the shower will help as well.
    If you have difficulty getting in and out the shower or bath with ease, install a ‘grab bar’ so you have something sturdy to hold onto. Many carpenters can install them quickly in your bath, shower and near your toilet.

  7. Walkways - Make sure all sidewalks and outside steps are in good repair.
    If there are cracks or uneven surfaces have them repaired to avoid trip hazards. 


  1. Keep emergency numbers in large print near each phone. 

  2. Put a phone near the floor in case you fall and can’t get up. 

  3. Think about wearing an alarm device that will bring help in case you fall and can’t get up.

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