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With FALL PREVENTION: Come in and get screened. It's can be daunting to worry about being off balance and taking a tumble. Come in and see use BEFORE that happens. Let us help you restore your confidence in your body and movements. 

TOTAL JOINT Prevention and Recovery: Are things not 100% and you are considering or have already had a Total Joint Replacement. We are here to help you rehab. We will try to prevent any unnecessary surgery and if surgery is needed and done, we will get you back to functioning and moving with ease.

Maintain your resolution to TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. It's ok to put yourself first. We will help you do just that and get back to being 100% so you can continue to be there for EVERYONE else.

Get Back to ACTIVE: What happened?!?! "I was at the top of my game and now peers are running circles around me." Life happened! Let us help you return to the self you want to be. We will help give you tips and tricks to not get stuck back into an inactive rut. 

Play with your GRANDKIDS: Two and three-year-olds are running circles around you and your home. Make sure that you can keep up with them and not miss any of these precious moments. 


Calm MIGRAINE and NECK PAINS: Sitting at a desk for hours, irregular sleep, changes in life style, we can help reverse the negative effects of all these.  


Reset your body, and remind it of all the things it CAN do. Come and check us out. 

At TITAN you are FAMILY. We want to help you FIGHT AGING, keep you INDEPENDENT, MOVING, and HEALTHY, all without the use of medication, injections or surgery.


I had migraines for 12 years, 2-5 days a week, I had literally tried EVERYTHING, prescription drugs to Natural "cures," diet, exercise, everything! Avery diagnosed the problem and fixed it through dry needle therapy. When I was headache free, Avery told me to come back when I needed to! Most treatment places require you to continue coming back, refreshing to have Avery tell me to come back when I needed to, no need to spend time and money unnecessarily. I haven't had a migraine headache for over 6 months! I have my life back!


Avery Schroyer PT, DPT, CMTPT
Certified APHPT

Dr. Avery Schroyer is a Lexington native who opened Titan Physical Therapy to serve his community. Avery believes that a patient's physical therapy experience starts with education and ends with preventative care. He has seen a change in the healthcare system and wants to make a difference. He wants your healthcare to be about you.

Since graduating from the University of Kentucky Physical Therapy Program with his doctorate, Avery has made it a point to place patient care and education first when he practices. Avery believes in educating his patients on their diagnosis, and on how their treatment leads to better results and prevention of injury. 

Avery has served on the Board of Directors of the Kentucky Physical Therapy Association and has worked with the University of Kentucky's Samaritans Touch free clinic. When not working, he is enjoying time with his wife and four children.

Kara Head Shot.jpg
Kara Schroyer

Kara Schroyer is dedicated to making your patient's experience as positive as possible. From the moment you see our name in the paper, our logo on a shirt or hear the word physical therapy from your doctors mouth. Kara hopes to shape the best patient experience out there for each and every one of our patients. As a former Editor and Project Manager, attention to details is extremely important to her. 

When not helping Avery make his patient's experience top notch, she is hanging out with her four children or enjoying time in her garden. 

Avery Schroyer
Kara Schroyer
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