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we can HELP you prep your body for the HOLIDAY CHAOS.

Our Top TIPS for Staying


this HOLIDAY Season

1. Have an “Exercise Snack”

Throughout the day, it is important as we eat other goodies and snacks, that we nourish our joints, muscles, bones, heart, and lungs too! “Exercise snacks” are movement breaks to provide your tissues the nutrients they need. Walking or performing exercises every 45 mins., for 10 mins., is the perfect serving size for this snack.


​2. Rid yourself of Tension

When our body undergoes an increase of stress, our muscles begin to tense up which can result in tight muscles. Try to make a mental note to stretch throughout the day to decrease tension and provide your body some calm during the holiday chaos. Need to rid a specific area of tension? Speak with your physical therapist and ask for a few stretches you can do easily at home. You don’t need to have built up tension over the holidays.


​3. A Silent Night

Falling asleep can seem impossible at times. Make sure you have a bedtime/decompressing routine and stick to it. If you do not already have a routine, a few ideas include: turning off electronics 30 minutes before heading to bed; read a book; take a bath/shower; add lavender or vanilla scents (a lotion, pillow or room spray, candle); listen to an audiobook or sound machine; gentle stretching; and/or sip a cup of hot decaffeinated tea.


​4. Take a Moment to Breath

When we feel overwhelmed, our body releases stress hormones increasing heart rate and blood pressure, leaving us with high levels of anxiety. When you are most overwhelmed, find a space by yourself and begin this breathing technique: Sit in a chair or lie down, place one hand on the middle of the upper chest and place the other hand on the stomach. Inhale slowly through your nose, drawing the breath down toward your stomach. Your stomach should push upward against your hand, while your chest remains still. Exhale by tightening your abdominal muscles and let your stomach fall downward. Breathe out through your mouth. Repeat.


5. Address Your Holiday Headaches

Headaches and migraines can creep up on you, but there are triggers that can alert you before the full force throbbing and pounding begins. If you know your triggers, don’t ignore them. Be proactive in containing your headache and take your body back.


6. Decking the Halls

Lifting your grandkids or decoration boxes, climbing your ladder, hanging lights, cleaning, and cooking meals requires strength and endurance. To decrease your risk of injury, it is important to perform all these activities with proper body mechanics. Lifting? Bend your legs, not just your back. Climbing a ladder? Climb with shoes on and stand with feet shoulder width apart, do not stand with feet together.

7. Leave Santa’s cookies for Santa

Our cardiovascular system is already under stress during the holiday season, all the more reason to be conscious of the portions and food groups you are eating. Have a treat! Celebrate with your favorite food, but in moderation.


8. Practice saying “No”

During the holidays, if you feel unsafe, overstressed or even that your health may be at risk, you have the right to say “No.” While pressure from family, friends and even your workplace may leave you compelled to attend an event or spend more than your budget allows, it is your choice. Choose you!


9. Get help from an Elf

Even Santa has helpers and specialists that are up for the job when he doesn’t have the answers. In our best attempts to help ourselves, sometimes we need help from a professional. Experts are trained to assist you when you cannot. Seek expertise in a timely manner to avoid injury, re-injury, or pain.


10. Remember YOUR Reason for the Season

2022 may or may not have gone how we had envisioned it. But today will be gone tomorrow. Reflect on why you celebrate the holidays. What do they mean to you? What memories are you thankful you’ve had? Share and spread YOUR reason for this holiday season.


From our Titan Family to yours:

Happy Holidays!

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