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Dr. Avery Schroyer PT, DPT, CMTPT
Certified APHPT


   I am putting out a series of articles over the next few weeks. They are all going to be about expectations about aging.

   I have the privilege of meeting many people who are over 60. As I get to know them, I have learned that there are some general expectations of what it is to age that are held by most people. However, I can tell you from experience,  many of these expectations are incorrect.

  Too often people have a negative outlook about aging and can often be too focused on what they are losing as they get older. Whether this is physical ailments, mental capacity, social interactions, enjoyment of life or the thought of becoming a burden. Most people look to aging as a bad thing once they are “Old.”

   I also have found that the point at which everyone feels “Old” is different. It usually happens though when they have lost the ability to go out and do certain things. They find others around them, friends and family, begin talking to them differently or limiting what they can do. Sometimes this is innocuous such as a child helping to get the groceries or coming by to help clean the house, but sometimes it is more blatant such as taking the keys for the car away or moving you out of your home.

   Across the next several articles, I am going to share with you that everything is not this glum. Aging is a wonderful thing that opens up many opportunities for you. The key is how do you manage getting older. What things are you doing to help keep you physically active, mentally engaged, plugged into an active community and allow you to enjoy life and be independent.

   We support people everyday at Titan Physical Therapy helping them to accomplish each of these key items. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of these articles be sure to sign up here. 

   We will send you each week’s article. You will also gain access to free videos of me speaking on different issues that deal with what you should expect on aging and how to help yourself.

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What You “Should” Expect When Aging

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