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Golfer with a golf cart
We help you INVEST in YOURSELF 
“What you choose, what you think, and what you do is who you become.”
Heraclitus (c. 535 –475 BC)

Distance, Accuracy, Consistency

Fix your game at its CORE


Improve your Golf Game!



If you find that EVERY TIME you get out on the course, you leave FRUSTRATED because of your play,  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 


Be able to PUT INTO PRACTICE what your pro has been telling you. 

Get CONTROL over your Game.


Don’t let a round of golf WEAR YOU OUT.


STOP letting play make you MORE SORE. 

LEARN why you CAN'T do what your Pro tells you.

With an assessment of your STRENGTH, BALANCE, and MOBILITY we can help you figure out where you can improve your game. 

STRENGTH - will give you more power.

Often we find golfers have the strength, but they can’t tap into it due to other restrictions or improperly ordering their swing mechanics. 


BALANCE - keeps you consistent.

If you are off balance then you have increased chances of swaying through your swing, keeping the weight on your back foot, over or under rotating, losing power, the list goes on and on. 

MOBILITY - this is the critical factor in making sure you get everything out of each swing.

You may be limited in your backswing or follow-through. This is typically a restriction in your upper spine (thoracic) or in your hips. This causes your body to compensate somewhere else to gain the extra rotation and power. This causes you to lose power, accuracy and consistency in your swing. Leaving you short and off target when on the course. 

Enjoy a RECOVERY session.

Ever just feel stiff and sore.

Legs feel heavy post playing a round.

Come enjoy a stretch and rejuvenating compression therapy.

Sessions include a general stretch to your back and legs, helping them feel better and release tension in the most common of problem areas. Finish the session off with our Normatec compression boots to rejuvenate your legs.

You will feel lighter and easier to move. Decreasing your soreness and getting you ready to get on with your busy schedule. 

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