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Our Assessment

Strength, Balance, and Flexibility

What we know from the numbers.


90% of courses are set up with four par 3’s: This means that you will pull your driver out of the bag 14 times across 18 holes.

70% of golfers average 34 putts or more a round: This means during a regular round, due to inaccuracy and inconsistency in play, golfers will two-putt because 45% of their shots don’t set them up for a single putt. 

Golf errors occur because of issues related to swing in 1-of-3 areas: Balance, rotation, or flexion/extension movement. These three areas address instability, mobility deficits and weakness. You need a customized plan to fix your game. 

If you can’t hit the ball far enough. It is often you are losing energy in your swing and you are unable to deliver all of that power into your drive. This is because you are off balance, not being able to sequence your legs to your arms during the swing, and not having the mobility to fully load and follow-through with your swing. 


When you suffer from losing distance in your shots you are that much more dependent on your fairway wood and iron play. This is where not only distance, but accuracy is critical. If you are unable to be consistent, your game will suffer.

According to the Titleist Performance Institute, more than 50% of all serious golfers have a physical issue that impacts the amount of golf they play. 

With Titan Physical Therapy, Golf Coaches and Club Pros have a trusted partner to refer their player to . 


We will take you through an individualized multi-point inspection of your body's function. This will test your balance, mobility and strength. You will be assessed from head-to-foot for limitations that may affect your game. These include lack of motion, imbalances from side to side, strength, coordination of rotation, center of gravity balance. 

Our in-depth screening will assess these areas and tease out where you can improve your game. 

Fix your game at its core.​

Improve your Golf Game!



If you find that EVERY TIME you get out on the course, you leave FRUSTRATED because of your play,  DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. 


Be able to PUT INTO PRACTICE what your pro has been telling you. 

Get CONTROL over your Game.


Don’t let a round of golf WEAR YOU OUT.


STOP letting play make you MORE SORE. 

Distance, Accuracy, Consistency

Fix your game at its CORE


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