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Staying HEALTHY at HOME doesn't mean you have to do it ALONE.
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1. MOVE  

​The importance of moving cannot be stressed enough at this time. Since being ordered to stay at home as much as possible, it is easy to get out of the routine of working out or being active. Settling in will cause more aches and pains to come up. It will also make normal activities that were easy, more difficult when you try to get back to them.  


Walking is a great activity that can be done in your home or around your neighborhood. It can be enjoyed with someone you live with, or provide you an escape and give you a chance to have some quite time alone. 


​For mental health it is important to establish a routine and stick to it. Having a usual time to wake up and a bedtime at the end the day will help you be more productive during the day and feel better. It is important to still get dressed for the day and set small goals to be done each day. These small things will keep you feeling accomplished during the down time. 


​As you work on establishing a daily routine be sure to have some time set for exercise. You have not been as active as usual. Right now your back, hips and arms are all getting stiffer and weaker. It is important to have a few things to do for each of these problem areas to help keep you moving and strong. 


​Just getting up and moving helps with this. Simple things to include in your daily workout are stretches for your back, legs and neck; doing some resistance training with  bands or weights, and aerobic exercises like walking or biking can make a big difference. 



Be sure to keep good sleep hygiene habits. This will allow your body to have time to get the rest it needs and keep your immune system at its strongest. This goes right along with keeping a routine. 


Tips for good sleeping habits: 

  • Have a set time to go to bed

  • Only use the bed room for bedroom activities ( no watching TV, or doing work)

  • Dim lights as it approaches bedtime

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol intake

  • Keep your house cooler in the evening 


​If you are concerned about your health, and how you are doing during your time at home, call a health expert. If you are not sure what you can do with the tips we have provided and want and need more information, then it is a good time to reach out to an expert as well. 


​Whether you are suffering with aches and pains or have medical conditions such as heart or lung disease; it is important to seek care. I know there is a lot of fear about going out to see a doctor right now, but through the use of technology and simple steps, many practices, including ours, are able to treat you. We can safely see you during this time in office or via telehealth in the comfort of your home.



Do not pick up the COVID-19 19 lbs. It is easy to struggle coming up with good meal plans and what to shop for at the grocery. It is also easy to snack more out of ease or stress. However, to keep your health at its best, it is good to maintain a healthy diet. Included on our website, at, is a suggested grocery list from a registered dietitian. 



As people, we are naturally social. It has been a change not being able to see family and friends. It is important to stay in contact with your loved ones. 


There are many different options out there to stay connected and visit. Things like ZOOM, GoToMeeting, Google Hangouts, FaceTime, DUO and many others are great ways to see and speak with those you care about. 


​If you struggle with technology, there is nothing wrong with picking up the phone and just calling someone. It is important to reach out and see how others are doing and share in your experience. 

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