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4 Exercises To Prevent Neck Pain When Working From Home

Are you hunched over your computer all day as you work from home, and noticing some neck pain developing throughout the day?

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, working from home is growing more popular, and some people may not have the necessary environment to work in.

For example, a lack of items such as a fully supportive chair, an unsuitable desk, or no desk at all, can contribute to the reason you're experiencing neck pain.

If you're working from home every day and noticing your neck pain more and you want fast relief or to prevent it from happening, we're giving you 4 exercises to prevent neck pain while you're working from home.

4 At-Home Exercises To Prevent Neck Pain

Perform these movements when you are feeling extra tense and stiff, or if you want to prevent your neck pain from developing. These exercises will allow you to get back to your daily routine, and help keep you pain-free and focused on the things that really matter!

Seated T-Spine Extension

Start by sitting upright in a low back chair with a pillow placed in the middle of you back (If you don’t have a pillow, you can still perform this exercise).

Cross your arms over your chest and lean backwards while arching your spine. Return to upright sitting and repeat movement 15 times.

This exercise is to increase mobility and keep your spine healthy and receiving the nutrients it needs.

Chin-Tuck Neck Exercise

Start by sitting upright in a chair. Draw your chin straight back. Be sure not to bring your chin to your chest and look down.

But rather, keep your head level as you move your head backward. Hold for 5 seconds, relax and repeat 20 times. This should stretch your upper neck and relieve tension.

Shoulder Blade Squeezes

You can perform this exercise while standing or sitting. Begin with elbows bent at your side with your palms facing up. Squeeze your shoulder blades together.

Hold for 5 seconds and repeat 20 times. This exercise strengthens your postural muscles to improve your focus and comfort.

Neck Rotation Stretch

Begin by sitting upright with one hand placed flat on your collarbone. Slowly tilt your head to the side away from your hand, then turn your head to look up toward the ceiling until you feel a gentle stretch in the side of your neck.

Hold this position for 30 seconds, then relax and repeat on other side. Repeat as needed to help release stress from your neck.

How To Get Long-Term Relief For Your Neck Pain

If the exercises above don't improve your neck pain, or you find that it only offers a temporary solution, then you can get long-term relief from your neck pain without having to rely on painkillers.

This means that you can work at your computer without neck pain, and finish a day of work and relax without neck stiffness, discomfort or headaches.

If you want a permanent fix to your neck pain that works give me a call at 859-303-6393. We are open and meeting all CDC and State Guidelines to care for you in person or through our online home visits.

To learn more about Titan Physical Therapy, read about our practice or arrange a FREE telephone consultation.

You can also read some of the other fantastic free tips and quick guides on our website, or follow us on social media for regular top tips on Titan Physical Therapy Facebook.

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