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How To Prevent Back Pain When Gardening

If you love gardening but have a history of back pain, you probably struggle to make the most of the nicer weather when it arrives, and have to cut your time in the garden short.

You might even put on a brave face and suffer the consequences for days, if not weeks after, with an agonizing, stiff back that leaves you reaching for the painkillers as a last resort.

But there are things you can do to stop back pain when gardening.

For some, doing the garden is a chore.

But we know that for a lot of the people we work with, their garden is something that they love to spend time working on, and something they are very proud of.

As well as a great way to stay active, it's also nice to get outside in nature and have a project to work on for those who like to keep busy.

Your garden can be a playground for your grandchildren and a place to relax with friends in the sun, and this shouldn't be wrecked by your back pain.

9 Tips To Prevent Back Pain When Gardening

Even if you have struggled with back pain for years, that shouldn't mean you have to miss out on time in the garden. Our expert team, who've helped thousands of people overcome back pain has put together 9 tips to prevent back pain when gardening.

1 - Use The Right Tools

There are lots of ergonomic gardening tools available that help you avoid bending and lifting heavy items unnecessarily.

Choosing practical, lightweight tools with long handles to reach into hard-to-reach spots, and using a kneeling pad to protect your knees from rough surfaces can mean your body doesn't

2 - Wear supportive footwear

Wear shoes with good arch support when gardening to help prevent back pain as well as other common issues such as hip pain and knee pain.

Shoes with a heel counter and stiff sole that provide cushioning and support are ideal. Plus, having the right footwear means that you are more stable on your feet, and reduce your risk of a fall when walking on uneven surfaces or carrying gardening tools.

If you're concerned about falls and want to improve your balance - make sure to read our blog: How To Improve Your Balance.

3 - Address The Root Cause Of Your Back Pain

Despite what you might have been told by doctors, the news, or your friends, back pain isn't a part of getting old, and it's not something you have to live with.

If you are struggling with back pain when gardening, applying these tips will help, however a better solution that impacts your whole life is to actually fix what's causing your back pain.

To find out more about ending your back pain without pills, injections, or surgery, download a copy of our Free Back Pain Report written by our founder, Avery Schroyer, which gives 5 proven tips to ease your back pain and move freely!

4 - Take Breaks

When you're gardening, remember to take short breaks throughout.

You know your body best, but try to have a little break every 15 minutes.

The more frequent the break, the shorter they need to be, and ultimately, it can really help you avoid back pain when gardening.

5 - Back Stretches Before, During, And After Gardening

If you know that you are prone to a tight, stiff back, make sure to loosen up before you get into the garden.

It doesn't need to take a lot of time, but a simple stretching routine can drastically improve your mobility when gardening and can reduce the chance of feeling sore afterward.

When you are gardening, make sure to look out for signs of your back muscles become tense, and give them a rest and a stretch to avoid creating back pain.

6 - Rotate Your Activities In The Garden

If you want to spend a long time in the garden, try to rotate through the activities you are doing to minimize the repetitive nature of some actions.

For example, if you pushing around a lawn mower, consider breaking this up with something lighter and easier on your body such as trimming the hedges.

7 - Be Smart With Heavy Lifting

You can get strong enough to tackle heavy lifting in your gardening, no matter your age, however, be realistic with what you can do right now.

Bags of compost and gardening equipment can be heavy, so try to avoid lifting objects that are too heavy by using a wheelbarrow.

8 - Pace Yourself In The Garden

We know that you are excited to get back in the garden and that you want to get it looking great for the upcoming sunny days with your dogs, family, and friends, but pace yourself.

After a winter where you weren't able to get in the garden, and like most people, moved and exercised less than normal, trying to do everything at once is a recipe for disaster.

So try to gradually build up your activity levels, and the time you spend doing gardening to avoid putting too much stress and strain on your back and ending up with a serious injury that ruins your plans for spring and summer.

9 - Check your posture

Make sure you are sitting or standing with good posture while gardening, and avoid slouching. Ideally, your back should be straight and your shoulders should be relaxed.

If you are slouching, take a break and move around for a few minutes to reset your posture.

Proven Back Pain Relief So You Can Garden As Often As You Like

At Titan Physical Therapy in Lexington, we're very well known for helping people avoid medication, surgery, and a life spent compromising because of back pain.

If you know that you aren't going to be able to make the most of summer because of your back pain, you don't have to accept it!

We are here to help, and we would invite you to arrange a Free Discovery Visit with one of our expert physical therapists.

In this appointment, you can talk to us, share your struggles, and discover the natural treatment options that have worked for thousands of people just like you in Lexington.

Simply complete our web form or by calling us on 859-303-6393 to arrange your Free Discovery Visit.

We also offer Free Telephone Consultations so you can speak to an expert from the comfort of your own home, without the need to travel.

More Tips To Get Pain-Free, and Enjoy An Active Life

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