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Are You Dreading Your Summer Vacation Because Of Pain That Won't Go Away?

Summer is a great time for families to come together and bond and there is no better way than taking a trip together.

Whether that's to a foreign country you've always wanted to visit or a camping trip here in Kentucky.

Where ever you may be traveling this summer, it should be cause for great excitement and positivity for you and your family. Not something you wake up dreading, overthinking every possible scenario. Wondering at what point your trip will go wrong because it is inevitable that at some point it will go wrong.

This summer, remember self care is not selfish!

Your family deserves to spend quality time with you, without the fear of pain getting in the way. It would be selfish to continue suffering when there are treatment options available to you.

Why Your Pain Won't Go Away

From our experience, people frequently make mistakes while attempting to manage their pain, which only leads to prolonged pain or even stronger symptoms.

The other issue is that you may feel that as you age it is only normal to feel this way. While, yes growing older does lead to health conditions, most of these conditions can be avoided with a proper health care routine.

There may also be something you're doing right now that is the root cause of your issue, rather than your age. By simply identifying the triggers in your life and removing them you can find a significant reduction in your pain.

Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when suffering from pain;

Stopping Exercise

Regular physical activity is essential for maintaining healthy joints and strong muscles. We appreciate how difficult it can be to keep on top of your exercise routine when your pain arises. However, regular exercise can help you maintain the ability to live independently by strengthening muscles and increasing your mobility.

Cardiovascular exercises, such as brisk walking or cycling, improve heart health and can decrease the risk of heart disease, the leading cause of death among seniors.

Studies have shown that those who engage in regular physical activity live longer than those who are inactive.

Remember, it's never too late to start. Even small increases in physical activity can have a significant impact on health.

Always consult with a healthcare professional if your pain becomes worse or feels out of the ordinary.


With the summer comes better weather and the temptation is high for indulgent meals or multiple barbeques in the sun.

But overeating consistently can lead to weight gain, which has a direct impact on your joints, particularly weight-bearing joints like your knees and hips.

The more weight these joints have to support, the harder they have to work and the more stress they endure.

Managing your diet is a powerful way to mitigate potential issues from overeating. A balanced, healthy diet not only helps maintain a healthy weight but also provides your body with the nutrients it needs for optimal joint health.

Depending on if you're overeating due to stress or you're simply a big foodie, remember incorporating plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins can help strengthen your bones and muscles. Limiting processed foods, sugars, and unhealthy fats can further protect your joints!

Ignoring Warning Signs

Pain is the body's way of communicating that something isn't quite right. It's a warning signal that should not be ignored, especially for those looking to take a trip and don't want to be subject to a health scare while they're away.

Ignoring pain, particularly persistent or worsening pain can lead to serious complications.

For example, sudden pain could indicate an injury like a fracture or even an infection, while chronic pain could be a sign of an ongoing issue such as arthritis or nerve damage.

Therefore, it's crucial that you speak with an expert if you experience any type of pain or discomfort. This will allow for timely diagnosis and treatment, preventing further complications and improving quality of life.

Early intervention can often make a significant difference in managing health conditions and maintaining independence.

If you're looking for more information about what you should expect when aging and the things to look for, you should sign up for our series of articles What you SHOULD expect when AGING.

These articles are all about the expectations of aging, written by founder and leading physical therapist, Avery Schroyer.

The Trip You Want To Be Over Before It's Even Begun

It's a week before your trip, your family is counting down the days in anticipation, and you're counting down the days for other reasons.

You either do too much or too little in regard to preparation for your trip. Not packing enough or packing too much in case of every scenario, ice packs, heat patches, knee braces, and don't forget about the painkillers.

Before you know it, your suitcase weighs more than you!

It's travel day, you wake up restless. You've barely slept, everyone is waiting for you, you lug your suitcase down the stairs putting your back out as you lift it into the trunk. Once you pull into the airport or set off on your road trip, everyone's holiday has already begun.

Not for you.

You're preoccupied thinking about how long you have to remain sat down, struggling with your pain, and lifting your bag once you arrive at your destination. Once you arrive you'll then need a full day just to recover from travel day, you're missing out on your kids or grandkids making the most of their first day away.

Finally, after a few days away you begin to dread the return journey, unable to enjoy the last few moments of your vacation.

Does this sound familiar?

Are you constantly overthinking your vacation this season, wishing for it to be over before you've even left your house?

This is no way to think about spending time with your family but is understandable when suffering from pain.

You may be stuck in a loop of feeling overwhelmed and confused about what your next step should be.

Don't worry, we can help!

Send Your Pain Packing!

The best way to start preparing for your vacation is with a Free Discovery Visit, which we currently have a few spaces available.

This appointment allows you to discuss your experience, future goals, and any questions you may have about physical therapy with our staff.

You may be thinking "There is no chance I'll be able to resolve my pain in time for our trip, so what's the point?".

Well, thousands of our patients have benefited from the physical therapy services provided by our team, who have helped them drastically reduce if not eliminate their pain for good in a very short space of time.

Preparing for a trip and playing with the grandchildren shouldn't be a concern for you this summer. These are things to anticipate and cherish!

Click the following link and don't miss out!

Make Your FREE Discovery Visit Arrangements NOW.

Concerned About The Additional Travel?

After all we have discussed, we completely understand you might have concerns about adding any additional travel to your summer plans.

That's why we also offer a Free Telephone Consultation. Where you can save time by getting in touch with a member of our staff without leaving your house.

We are confident by designing treatments specifically for you that is effective and comfortable, you'll be able to enjoy your trip this year.

Additional Advice To Reduce Your Back Pain For Free

You can also read some of the other fantastic free tips and quick guides on our website, or follow us on social media for regular top tips on Titan Physical Therapy Facebook.

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