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Migraines Dampen the Holiday Spirit

Christmas was fantastic!!!! Family was in town. Everyone came in to see us, most importantly our three fabulous children under 3.

We housed, and we are still housing extended family. If anyone knows me, that means a week prior of cleaning, cooking and following behind my children with a mop and broom and a stern look every time things got smooshed into the floor or spilt and splashed up against the wall.

But the time ended up catching up to me and I should have read the signs.

I get migraines, I admit. If there were a support group I would be a candidate, as I know my triggers and I still ignore them. Knowing your triggers is key. (See our quick facts page for more info). For me, I need the perfect amount of caffeine. Did I keep that in check this holiday? Yes, and probably then some. But it was something else that snuck up on me. A trigger that I chose to ignore and most moms never truly accomplish, and like many of us this holiday season, ignoring this landed me with a killer headache in the middle of Christmas Day dinner festivities. I hadn't slept through the night in days, maybe weeks... Sleep deprivation can be a major migraine trigger for many and besides migraines it can cause back and neck pain and overall fatigue. It landed me in a world of hurt. I was able to calm it luckily with a cup of coffee and acetaminophen (I'm still breast feeding so what I can take is different from most), but I knew that if all else failed I was going to be able to call on Avery to treat me,

In the past dry-needling has worked wonders. Those paired with some simple exercises and stretches can make a world of difference when the pain just won't go away.

Don't get yourself caught, and don't be afraid to ask for help if you can't find relief.

Remember we, at Titan want to help, we are just a call away: 859-303-6393.

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