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Stay Active While Sheltering for the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus has sent most into a frenzy. Many have stocked up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer and bleach. But what high-risk individuals truly need is not going to be something they can pull off a grocery store shelf.

With the CDC recommendation of those 60 and older removing themselves from large groups and more or less, sheltering in place, a minimum of 800,000 Kentuckians are affected. This same population is at greater risk of complicating factors due to inactivity. According to a Danish study, older adults who become sedentary for two weeks can lose up to 25% of their muscle mass and strength.

In the senior population the concern with aging is frailty. Reducing levels of physical activity combined with staying sedentary increases their risk. In order to combat this, getting 150 minutes of activity a week is recommended.

When activity declines it increases the risk for balance issues, and the occurrence of falling. Falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths among seniors according to the CDC.

With the current recommendations to avoid face-to face contact and minimize being in crowds, it is an excellent time to take advantage of technology. Here at Titan Physical Therapy, we are providing online visits via a Telehealth platform.

This way we can keep our patients recovering, active and healthy by carrying out visits on their computer or smartphone. This allows you to continue to recover from injuries, helps prevent increased risk of falling and helps keep your immune system strong.

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